Do writing contests look good on college apps?

Writing contests are a great way to highlight your dedication to and success in writing. Winning a writing contest does much more than simply look good on your college application. Many serious writing contests at the high school level offer prizes.

How do you write a short story for a competition?

10 Storytelling Essentials That Wow Judges and Win Writing Contests

  1. Get inspired by the theme.
  2. Focus on a bite-sized story.
  3. Structure your story with clarity in mind.
  4. Hook your readers (and the judges!) with a brilliant first line.
  5. Get straight to the action.
  6. Give your character a goal.

Are essay contests good for college?

What is Canada to be proud of?

Canada is a country to be proud of. We have contributed to the world got the better on an international and social level, while evolving on an international and social level.

Should Canadians be proud of the land they call home?

While we have made some mistakes throughout history, Canada has proven itself time and time again and every Canadian should be proud of the land we call home. International action has been taken by Canada on many occasions.

Should Canada be proud of the Suez Crisis?

The Suez crisis is also and important moment Canada should be proud of. A crisis that could have potentially led to world war 3, was avoided because of Canada. We became involved as a neutral party. Lester B. Pearson with the help of the United Nations, came up with a peaceful way to resolve the issue between Egypt and Britain.

What can we learn from Pierre Trudeau?

Pierre Trudeau, one of Canada’s inspirational Prime Ministers, gives us more to be proud of on a political side of things. Even in hard times for Canada, between the English and French speaking Canadians, Trudeau established the Official Languages Act in 1969. Trudeau’s involvement in Canada’s affairs benefitted us greatly.

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