Do Oracle of Ages and Seasons have the same story?

According to Hyrule Historia, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are a sequel to A Link to the Past and a prequel to Link’s Awakening, all of which feature the same Link, under the “Downfall” timeline split, where Ganon defeated the Hero of Time in Ocarina of Time.

Is Princess Zelda in Oracle of Seasons?

She embodies the characterstic of wisdom. After hearing the Oracle of Season and Oracle of Ages were in danger, she sends her caretaker Impa to the lands of Holodrum and Labrynna to bring them to Hyrule. She cannot be met through a normal playthrough. Only through game-linking will you have a chance to meet Zelda.

How do you get a Moosh flute?

Moosh’s Flute: If Link bought the Strange Flute from the Horon Village Shop, he will find Moosh being attacked by enemies. After defeating the enemies, Moosh will thank Link and the Strange Flute becomes Moosh’s Flute.

Is Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons better?

Generally speaking, Seasons is a little more action-focused whereas Ages has tougher puzzles . That said, while they’re both great as standalone games, playing one after the other in a linked quest is still the best way to play the Oracle series. Both. Definitely both.

How do I get Ricky’s flute in Oracle of Seasons?

If Link obtains a score of 50 or higher at the Shooting Gallery mini-game in Lynna Village after the Moonlit Grotto has been completed, but before he travels to the Nuun Highlands, he will be rewarded with a Strange Flute. Upon meeting Ricky the second time in the Fairies’ Woods, it becomes Ricky’s Flute.

How do I get Dimitri’s flute in Oracle of Ages?

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Link must purchase the Strange Flute from the Lynna City Shop after the Moonlit Grotto has been completed, but before going to the Nuun Highlands northwest of Lynna City. Upon meeting Dimitri the second time in the Fairies’ Woods, the Strange Flute will become Dimitri’s Flute.

Do I play Seasons or ages first?

As far as I remember Ages is more difficult, so if you want an easier time with it then beat Seasons first so you can link your game when you start Ages.

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