Did Ed Sheeran release a song in 2020?

“Afterglow” is a song by English singer Ed Sheeran. Released on 21 December 2020, the song marks Sheeran’s first single release in more than 18 months. An accompanying music video features a one-take performance by Sheeran with solo acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Is there a new Ed Sheeran song?

Two tracks – ‘I Will Remember You’ and ‘Welcome To The World’ – are totally new. Two others, meanwhile – ‘One Life’ and ‘Penguins’ – come from the 2019 film Yesterday but have never officially been released. The musician played a version of himself in the film, alongside Himesh Patel as central character Jack Malik.

Did Ed Sheeran welcomed his new daughter with music?

Ed Sheeran seems to have “welcomed” his new daughter with music. On May 27, the singer released a Tour Edition of his 2021 album =, which includes nine new tracks. Among them are four previously unreleased songs, including ” Welcome to the World .”

Does Ed Sheeran’s new song end with an audio recording?

Ed Sheeran ‘s new song ends with a special audio recording. On Friday, the 31-year-old singer released a tour edition of his 2021 album, =, which features several new songs including “Welcome to the World.”

What is eded Sheeran’s new tour edition?

Ed Sheeran is releasing a new “tour edition” of his latest album, =. Pronounced Equals, the Fall 2021 release gets a refresh with the addition of nine tracks. Two songs from the expanded edition — “I Will Remember You” and “Welcome to the World” — are brand new, while two tracks come from the 2019 film, Yesterday, in which the singer also starred.

Where is Ed Sheeran on tour?

Earlier this year, Sheeran hopped on a pair of tracks alongside J Balvin — “Sigue” and “Forever My Love” — and joined Camila Cabello on “ Bam Bam. ” The musician is currently on tour in the UK, which continues throughout Europe into the summer and fall.

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