Did Drew and Stacy Peterson have kids?

Stacy Ann Peterson Together they had two children, Anthony (born 2003) and Lacy (born 2005). Stacy legally adopted Savio’s children, and treated them like they were her own. She was close to completing her nursing degree from Joliet Junior College at the time of her disappearance on Sunday, October 28, 2007.

How many kids did Drew Peterson have with Stacy?

At the time, Drew also had two teenage sons, Kristopher and Thomas, ages 14 and 16, with Savio, and a 5-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl with Stacy.

Has Stacy Peterson been found 2021?

Stacy Peterson’s Missing Body Found — By Her Sister! Eleven heart-wrenching years after Stacy Peterson vanished, her body has been discovered — and her sister wants to retrieve the remains so her evil husband can be tried for her murder!

Who are Michael Peterson’s children?

Todd Peterson
Clayton Peterson
Michael Peterson/Children

Who was Drew Petersons first and second wife?

Kathleen Savio married Drew Peterson right after he divorced Connolly in 1992. They had two sons together: Thomas Peterson and Kristopher Peterson. During their 11-year relationship, police came to the couple’s home 18 times to deal with domestic disturbances, per Investigation Discovery. They divorced in 2003.

Where is Kathleen Peterson’s daughter now?

Where is Kathleen Peterson’s Daughter Caitlin Today? Today, Caitlin is married and is now known as Caitlin Clark. According to PopSugar, she has twins and lives in northern Virginia with her husband, Christopher.

Are any of Drew Petersons wives alive?

Drew Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Ann Cales, disappeared and has never been found. In 2003, Peterson married 19-year-old Stacy Ann Cales. She had two children with him: Anthony Peterson and Lacy Peterson. Cales also adopted Drew’s two children from his previous marriage.

Where are the Peterson children now?

Clayton and Todd Peterson According to The News & Observer, Clayton now lives in Maryland with his wife and children, and Todd lives in Tennessee.

What happened to Clayton Peterson?

Clayton Peterson now lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with his wife Rebecca “Becky” Peterson. The couple has two sons together, Lucian and Dorian. Reportedly in his late forties now, Peterson works as an Electrical, Digital, and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) engineer, per The Cinemaholic.

How many children does Stacy Peterson have?

Together the couple gave birth to two sons, the first being Thomas who came into this world on January 5, 1993. His younger brother, Kristopher, was born on August 8, 1994. Shortly after Kathleen’s passing in March 2004, Stacy adopted the children and became their legal mother. Where Are Stacy Peterson’s Children Now?

How old is Stacy Peterson now?

Stacy Peterson is 23 years old, has two small children with Sergeant Peterson. Searchers are now looking at bodies of water near the Petersons’ home. Just a short time ago, we spoke with Sergeant Peterson’s stepdaughter — stepdaughter from wife number two.

Does Stacy Peterson’s sister have sonar images of her body?

The sister of Stacy Peterson, the 23-year-old Bolingbrook mother of two who remains missing after vanishing more than 10 years ago, claimed Wednesday to know the location of Peterson’s body and said she has sonar images to prove it.

How old was Drew Peterson when he married Stacy Peterson?

In 2003, a 48-year-old Drew Peterson married 19-year-old Stacy not long after getting divorced. Their relationship raised a lot of eyebrows and not only due to the large age gap. It was because Peterson allegedly started the relationship with Stacy when she was just 16 years old, says ABC News.

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