Can you still use a Nokia 6310i?

This phone has been (and still is) very popular for its robustness, simplicity and long battery life years after being discontinued as a product. Many have called the 6310i one of the best handsets Nokia ever produced….Nokia 6310i.

Nokia 6310i in DCH-9 charging dock
Manufacturer Nokia
Mass 111 g (3.9 oz)
Memory 174 kB

How much was the original Nokia 3310?

Though it may not sound so incredibly cheap next to today’s bumper selection of budget smartphones, the 3310 launched at £129.99 (around $160, AU$210) on a pay-as-you-go contract through the likes of Orange in the UK (now part of EE), Cellnet (BT’s O2 predecessor) and One2One (which later became T-Mobile).

Why was Nokia 3310 so popular?

The Nokia 3310 has a reputation of great durability, and many Internet memes have been made calling the phone “indestructible” or “the Nokia Brick” and praising its durability compared to modern smartphones.

Does Nokia still make brick phones?

Nokia is releasing an updated version of its classic 6310 “brick phone” two decades after the original model went on sale.

Are Dumbphones making a comeback?

Dumbphones are continuing to enjoy a revival. Google searches for them jumped by 89% between 2018 and 2021, according to a report by software firm SEMrush.

Can you still buy a brick phone?

As for Nokia aficionados outside of Great Britain and India, it appears that the device is not quite yet available for purchase. Nokia’s U.S. website does not have a page dedicated to purchasing the phone, and it doesn’t come up among the rest of their product lineup.

Can you use a brick phone in 2021?

Nokia Revamps The Y2K Classic Brick Phone And yes, it’s going to have a 2021 version of Snake.

Are Nokia’s still unbreakable?

It’s fitting for a brand whose phones were famous for their durability. The myth that Nokia phones were “indestructible” has been the subject of countless internet memes. According to HMD, the Nokia XR20 can be submerged in water for up to an hour and endure extreme temperatures.

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