Are there Gods Among Us?

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fighting video game in the Injustice franchise based upon the fictional universe of DC Comics….

Injustice: Gods Among Us
Developer(s) NetherRealm Studios
Publisher(s) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Director(s) Ed Boon
Producer(s) Adam Urbano Hans P. Lo

What earth is Injustice on?

Earth Twenty-Two
The Injustice universe, or Earth Twenty-Two (as mentioned in the film) is the reality in which the events of the Injustice: Gods Among Us tie-in comic and video game occur, and the reality that various members of a Justice League from another world are sent to in order to aid this world’s Batman against its Superman …

Can you play injustice 2 without Xbox Live?

For online multiplayer yes.

Who died in injustice 2?

JAMES GORDON. Year Two #20.

  • JOHN STEWART. Year Two #23.
  • GUY GARDNER. Year Two #23.
  • MOGO AND GANTHET. Year Two #24.
  • RAGMAN. Year Three #8.
  • DEADMAN. Year Three #10.
  • Was the Flash killed in Injustice?

    Barry Allen/The Flash – Throat shredded off-screen by a buzzsaw in a trap set by Joker. Lois Lane (and Unborn Child) – Accidentally thrown into space by Superman, causing Lois to suffocate.

    Is the Atom dead in Injustice?

    Captain Atom was one of the few characters in “Injustice” that actually had Superman on the ropes and died valiantly instead of tragically.

    How many chapters is injustice?

    12 Chapters
    Injustice has 12 Chapters of Story Mode, and a total of 49 battles. If you see any missing information, please add it.

    Can you play Minecraft with friends without Xbox Gold?

    If you want to play online with your friend, you will need to have Xbox live. Most, if not all, online Xbox games need you to buy Xbox live to access the online features. The same goes for Minecraft.

    How do I play online with Xbox 360?

    TIP: You can also get an Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter to connect without cables. Step 2: Create profile Turn on your Xbox 360 console and create your personal profile from the Xbox 360 dashboard. Step 3: Join Xbox Live Select “Join Xbox Live.” Step 4: Follow on-screen instructions Follow the on-screen instructions.

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