Are there any kung fu games?

Kung Fu Strike – The Warrior’s Rise Imagine a kung-fu version of a Devil May Cry-style action game, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what makes Kung Fu Strike – The Warrior’s Rise such a compelling action experience.

Is Sifu coming for PC?

Sifu will be released on Tuesday 8 January 2022. It will be available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, and will also be released for PC players.

Is Shifu a good game?

It’s an easy game of the year contender, and it’s only bloody February…” Gaming Nexus gave Sifu a review score of an exquisite 9.5/10, saying: “Sifu is the epitome of a well-made martial arts video game that infuses cultural storytelling, brutal combat and a dash of roguelike.

Is Sifu a big game?

Superficially, Sifu isn’t a long game, but completion time varies wildly depending on how much effort is put into attaining perfection.

How many GB is Sifu?

On PlayStation 5, Sifu comes in at a tiny 7.16GB, which is barely a scratch on the PS5’s estimated 667.2GB of available SSD storage. As the post from PlayStation Game Size also denotes, Sifu will release with two versions.

Why is Sifu only on Epic Games?

Sloclap revealed that Sifu was a timed exclusive, so it will come to other consoles in the future. We do not know if they specifically referred to PlayStation exclusivity or included Epic Games. Our guess is that Epic Games also has limited exclusivity.

Is Sifu a AAA game?

“Sifu,” the new single-player video game by Sloclap, launched on February 8, 2022. It is a Playstation and PC exclusive. Although Sloclap is not known for making major AAA games, their newest game has quickly grown on me. “Sifu” takes place in modern-day China.

Is Sifu a Yakuza game?

Fun fact: Sifu is nothing like the Yakuza games. And that isn’t because the former is Chinese, while the latter is Japanese.

How long is the Kung Fu Panda game?


Single-Player Polled Leisure
Main Story 33 7h 30m
Main + Extras 11 8h 12m
Completionists 16 15h 06m
All PlayStyles 60 12h 17m

Is Sifu tough?

Sifu is an incredible martial arts game that has scratched many gamers’ ‘I just want to kung fu some dudes to death’ itch. And through all its praise, one description has been consistent: This game is really hard, and well, I don’t think that’s quite accurate.

Is Sifu too difficult?

According to PushSquare, the current Trophy data for Sifu on the PlayStation 4 and 5 shows that 96% of players have beaten the Prologue, and 82% of players have beaten the first proper level. However, less than half of players (33%) have managed to clear the game’s second level, no thanks to its huge difficulty spike.

How many GB is Sifu on PC?

Sifu Recommended Requirements The total size of the game is 22 GB, which isn’t that high, especially compared to other modern PC titles. The game requires 8 GB of RAM, but 10 GB is listed as recommended, for some reason.

Can Sifu run on a laptop?

That’s right, Sifu’s developers recommend playing the game with a GTX 970, and you can get away with running the action-adventure on a GeForce GT 640….Sifu system requirements won’t beat up your gaming PC.

Minimum Recommended
OS Windows 10 64-bit Windows 10 64-bit
CPU AMD FX-4350 Intel Core i5-3470 AMD FX-9590 Intel Core i7-6700K

Is Sifu epic exclusive?

Sloclap revealed that Sifu was a timed exclusive, so it will come to other consoles in the future. We do not know if they specifically referred to PlayStation exclusivity or included Epic Games.

Can I play Sifu early?

Sifu allows players to begin the game up to two days early. The PlayStation Store version of the game includes exclusive PlayStation Sifu avatars and the game on both PS4 and PS5 regardless of the system purchased.

Is Sifu fighting realistic?

As the architect of the game’s fighting, and a lifelong student of Chinese culture, Colussi is especially sympathetic to the latter discussion. “Sifu” strove to be accurate in depicting a kung fu style. Since Colussi was 14, he’s made nearly yearly visits to China, having lived in the country for three years.

How many levels are there in Kung Fu Panda?

13 legendary levels
Adventure through 13 legendary levels spanning land, water, and air from the movie and beyond — Visit epic movie locations like the opulent Jade Palace, challenging Training Dojo, and majestic Wudang Mountains, plus never-before-seen places such as the mystical Lake of Tears and the unforgiving Training Ground of Tai …

How many players beat Sifu?

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