Are Takumi and Isami twins?

Takumi Aldini (タクミ・アルディーニ, Takumi Arudīni?) is a 92nd Tōtsuki Generation student and the fraternal elder twin brother of Isami Aldini.

Does Takumi Aldini like Soma?

Sōma Yukihira Since then, Takumi has had a largely one-sided rivalry with Sōma, constantly seeking his attention in hopes that he will notice his presence.

Does aldini lose his Mezzaluna?

Losing To Subaru Mimasaka In The Autumn Elections This defeat stunned Takumi, forcing him to realize that he had become complacent with his talents and his festive Italian cooking style. He even lost his prized knife, the curved mezzaluna, and sank into despair.

Does aldini get expelled?

Tōsuke Megishima, Satoshi Isshiki, Terunori Kuga, regain their positions in the Elite Ten Council. Takumi Aldini, Subaru Mimasaka, and Megumi Tadokoro became new members of the Elite Ten Council. All students expelled by Azami Nakamura and Central are allowed to return back to the academy.

Is Asahi Azami son?

He was a disciple of Jōichirō Yukihira and the illegitimate son of Azami Nakiri. When this was discovered, he was welcomed into the Nakiri family by his younger half-sister Erina, officially becoming Asahi Nakiri (薙切 朝陽, Nakiri Asahi?).

Who is Sukuna shipped with?

Tropes. SukuFushi is the slash ship between Ryoumen Sukuna and Megumi Fushiguro from the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom.

Who is nakiri Asahi?

Asahi Nakiri ( 薙 な 切 きり 朝 あさ 陽 ひ , Nakiri Asahi?), formerly known as Asahi Saiba ( 才 さい 波 ば 朝 あさ 陽 ひ , Saiba Asahi?), is a former underground chef who instigated the recent invasion against Erina Nakiri’s administration.

Is Isami Aldini the younger brother?

As well as the fraternal younger twin brother of Takumi Aldini. By his third year, he obtained a seat in the Elite Ten Council . Isami is obese and stands taller than his older twin brother, Takumi Aldini. His brownish-black hair is combed backwards and is very spiky.

What happened in Chapter 56 of Takumi and Isami Aldini?

Takumi comforts his brother, Isami Aldini. (Chapter 56) Isami seconds his uncle’s recommendation to send Takumi to Japan. (Chapter 17) Isami listens to Senzaemon Nakiri ‘s speech in the opening day of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. ( Extra) Isami is motivated among the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation students after Senzaemon’s speech.

What episode does Isami get defeated?

Isami is defeated by Eishi Tsukasa. (Episode 55) Isami and the other rebels have been expelled from the Academy. (Episode 56)

Why was Isami worried when Takumi entered the arena?

As Takumi entered the arena, Isami was worried about this new development. Unbeknownst to him, just before the match, Subaru had insulted Takumi by degrading Isami causing the Shokugeki.

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