Are Bach Stradivarius trumpets good?

The Bach trumpet brand produces the most-sold professional trumpets. It’s trusted by classical and jazz musicians around the world due to its high quality and good build. Bach trumpets have a great tone and will last for generations when taken good care of.

Did Stradivarius make trumpets?

There are many variants of the Stradivarius Trumpet. Here’s two of the most popular models we sell… The Bach 180ML37 Stradivarius is the best-selling Strad model and is recommended by many trumpet teachers. It comes with a standard 37 Bell, monel valves and a 1st valve thumb saddle.

Can I sell a trumpet to a pawn shop?

How much is a trumpet worth at a pawn shop? The Least and Most Amount Pawn Shops Pay for Trumpets Here’s the minimum, maximum and average amount pawn shops give for trumpets based on PawnGuru data: Minimum Offer: $15. Maximum Offer: $500. Average Offer: $95.

Where was the Bach Stradivarius BB professional model 37 made?

Vincent Bach Stradivarius Bb Professional Model 37 Cornet (Corporation) marked; American made in Elkhart. Indiana. Ca 1968-69′ Serial#46024; 37 Bell; Medium/Large bore.460″ measured inside the second valve slide itself.

Is the Bach Stradivarius 37 ml silver plated?

This is the great silver plated Bach Stradivarius 37 ML with the rare factory finger trigger on the first slide. The silver plate is great. The valves and slides are great, has just been ultrasonicly cleaned and new pads. Plays beautifully!

What is the serial number of the Bach Stradivarius trumpet?

Bach Stradivarius Bb Trumpet–excellent!!! Stradivarius Bach Professional Trumpet. Serial no:405953, ML bore 25LR, 37H Bell Stradivarius 180ML37SP 25th Anniversary Trumpet with Case from Japan

How old is this stradivaruis Model 37 ml?

This is a Stradivaruis Model 37 ML The serial is 47544. Dating it between 1968-69 The trumpet shows wear on the outside finish with small dents and scratches. Seems to be in good condition still and may be playable. Comes with two mouth pieces and the hard case pictured.

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